Atelier van Asseldonk

In a time where future builders are clueless, Atelier van Asseldonk shows their Design odyssey. An exhibition in which we worship progress from the bone to a welding robot. An interstellar look into the future where bygone Futurism prevails.

Abundance and hollow aesthetics make way for functionality and pragmatic thinking. We don't worship the design, but the tools that make the design possible. The product is not elevated, but the pedestal itself becomes the centerpiece. The discovery and development of such a discovery becomes the essence.

Marks of the Weld Robots' first tests on the grandfather monolite

Version 1 of the Weld robot


Production in a whole new perspective

We don't worship the design, but the tools that make the design possible. We live for progress, made to guide ourselves into the future. From the first steps in welding, this production method has been fundamental for our work since our rise in 2008. Discovering the weld can be more than just the merging of metals, kickstarted our pragmatic minds into overdrive. Not designing a product, but engineering a production method to create products is the new beginning of everything.

The Grandfatheer Monolite symbolizing the discovery

The Monolite appears at a point in time where change is at hand. In the current day and age we reflect and will look back on this day where a major shift takes place. It influences the history of mankind, particularly by encouraging humankind to progress with technological development and space travel.

“Our technical knowledge

is elevated to art and is not a reflection of the structure of the world, but a way and instrument to thoroughly deal with the world.” Discovering that materials can be used as tools is only the beginning of our era as primate designers.

We want to improve everything, make it faster, more convenient, and more practical. We owe it to ourselves not to view a discovery as a glorious victory, but as a starting point. A portal for the world of tomorrow. 

Board our vehicle and transcend the earthly, and become acquainted with the technological evolution that enables humans to enter a new phase in design thinking.

Detail of the bronze welds on the Discovery 1

A double light source in RGBW colours

Different varieties in finish and weld patterns are applied

The skin is burned causing several patinas

The Discovery 1 lamp in a green patina finish

The cylindrical shape and double light source bring bygone futurism to our 21 st century buildings and spaces. Colouring gradually through the full spectrum and adjustable in brightness. The lamp has many skin types and finishes to apply on the stainless steel base.

Weld patterns according to the possibilities of the Weld Robot

Horizontal lines in a matte finish

The Moonbase Alpha Side table

The shape is inspired by future architecture

Welding details

The international pooling of technical skill and resources after the War of 1987 resulted in the advanced construction of Moonbase Alpha. Development of the Weld-Robot tool paved the way for shape research and three dimensional tryouts. An angled metal facade where sheets meet to form a design based on future travel to planet bases in outer space.

A celebration of future architecture where we trade eloquent forms for functional design. Flat surfaces tooled in different patterns throughout the object. Handmade with miles and miles of welds to form the Moonbase Alpha.