During the design process, we looked at elements of the existing architecture in the area. The excellent volumes of the masonry bonds and the decorative wall anchors are leading for the chosen design. The central focus of the gate is the "storage gatelight". 

This light object is strongly inspired by the standard gate lamps that you see all over the world. We have reduced this standard molding principle to the essentials and combined it with our way of molding. The stacked volumes create a stately object that arouses interest and acts as an inviting gatekeeper.

Pattern in material

West side entrance


Junction of natural materials and colours

A good illustration of the gate in its environment. The affected surfaces of the steel, wood and copper connect seamlessly with the brick character of the house. The color scheme also contributes to the natural experience of the environment.

The weather affects the raw material

Detail of the "storage gatelight". The stacked volumes and clear shapes give the object a stately appearance without deterring it. The combination of materials and colors creates a welcome gesture. 

A grey finish with an allmost concrete flame on the galvanised steel


we opted for the beautiful transition of the structural integrity on the materials during different kinds of weather. Owned by the founder of one of the leading Ducth interior design shops, the house is found in Wassenaar, the Netherlands. Close to sea and therefor more open to coastal weather. These conditions under the salty sea breeze give the gate a beautiful natural patina. As a result, the "new" feeling is gone, and the gate adapts better to its surroundings and the surrounding architecture.

Just the architecture we closely inspected to derive details and inspiration from the early 19th century styles. The form compositions found on interior items like the staircase are represented in the light on top of the gate pillar. Behind the metal gate, we integrated a storage unit for different kind of needs. This way we house several functions in a single grand gesture. A true atribute to the rich environment of the house. 

Bold welds on the custom handle

Brick decorative detail

Wooden ornament covering the roof top

Merge of material

In the mids of the green surroundings, we created a functional storage space behind the entrance. With matching detail and material, creating a small shelter for differtent purposes.

Space for drying wood

Same pattern, different gesture

The concrete-like finish of the steel, in combination with the greasy welds, give the design an autonomous appearance. Shapes and details refer to our earlier works as a signature for our studio.