Intregral assignment



'What would you do with it, if all this is yours?'. That was the question which kickstarted the transition from rural farm, to a modern home. We were entrusted with the complete transformation of the house owned by an Oilman.

The project is located on an idyllic estate outside Eindhoven, with rivers to the north, trees to the east and west, grasslands and roads to the south, and farther surrounded by classic properties. We aimed to retain this feeling of peace and quiet in a clean interior setting with hints to the past.

An open environment throughout the living area. Made possible by removing a larger piece of the first floor, creating a high ceiling and room for signature pieces like our Trouble Light, and Propane Lamp. A total concept where architecture, interior and product are treated equally, to create a total concept. The house with all its elements feels like a single movement. 

Original rural landhouse build in 1906
Photo by Neeltje Oppers

Signature wooden construction and our Propane Lamp

Inside and out

A fireplace centered in the open space of the grand living room

The warmth of a fireplace creates a natural center point for any domestic environment. Removing the walls around it, creating a walk-a-round interior element. White walls and open spaces are complemented by the original wooden construction which now have freedom to dance around the room. We chose to give the house a subtle interior, to emphasis the original structure better suit the idyllic setting. 

The effect isn't minimalist, rather it is subtle and calm. The form of the building is made up of different volumes.

A big black burned Trouble light

We added a custom burned dining table and propane lamps in our work

It all comes together in the living room. A spacious environment accentuated by the high ceiling and open characteristics. 

We integrated our vision

of the engineering design in to a number of furniture pieces, in combination with custom translation of our clients field of work in hydrocarbons. The pure, raw and black feel of oil, has been the tool for the specials in the interior.  The signature trouble light is a main example of this interpretation. The oak wood appearance is replaced, not by a different material, but by the black carbon residue of setting fire. The edges soften, the wood starts to crack, the brown turns black and starts to turn into the custom lighting piece in the center of the living room.

The large wooden table represents the same features. The Propane pendant lamp maintains the same theme of hydrocarbons but in a different form with its artform arranged as the raw chemical formula of 3 larger carbon molecules linking to 8 smaller hydrogen molecules (C3H8). As the majority of the people know, the basic shapes of sticks and balls are used to illustrate the chemical compound these molecular chains. From the most complex formulas, to the most simple, the building blocks are the same. This was the starting point of the Propane lamp design. Completely engineered and build in our workshop, this lamp is no short of a complex building formula.

Black dining table accompanied by black dining chairs

Top view of the kitchen area

The kitchen island and bar

Moonlike bulb from the Propane lamp

Open living space

From dining table to kitchen island

The straight lines and wooden beams in harmony, where old and new are combined without neglecting one another. A proper junction of our thought on the architecture, the interior, the product, and the space.

Wooden wallmounted staircase

1st Floor entrance

Detail of our burned table

Integrated wine cooler

Detail of the steel door panels

Our steel candle holder

A study of our candleholder. Bare metal in the notorious form language with a grand gesture. Seemless integration of our product, in the designed space.