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Dutch Design Week

The open mind of creative professionals as a basis for innovation. In the opening exhibition OPEN MIND, Kazerne shows the power of the creative industry with Key figures from Dutch design, such as Maarten Baas, Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk, Mieke Meijer and Atelier van Asseldonk. The presented works show the different facets of their special and open way of working; they show that innovation is actually achieved through an open attitude. 

The Flarestack as a centrepiece

The Open Mind expo at Kazerne in Eindhoven was curated by Annemoon Geurts and designed by Moon/en/Co. During this exposition a wide range of designers from the Netherlands and abroad showed what they were capable of creating.

A couple of our designs were selected to be part of the Open Mind exhibition. The Flare Stack played a prominent role by taking up a big space at the entrance of the Kazerne in Eindhoven. Besides the Flare Stack we presented a couple of new designs such as our Formworks stove.

The show was a way of showing the possibilities of design in every imaginable way. Work that could only be created by designers with an open mind.

Detail of our Flarestack as part of the show