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Experience design


Gemeente de Kempen

In Vessem, near Eindhoven, you will find oak forests, heaths and marshes. To stimulate tourism, the municipality developed the 'Experience the Kempen' project, and commissioned Atelier van Asseldonk to show the public the most beautiful places in the old village.

At the edges of the Vessem region you will find stone and cast iron posts that mark the boundaries of the area

Not only the physical objects - such as the map at the starting point - were designed by van Asseldonk. The Route system developed an Experience The Kempen app for iPhone and Android. Via the app, tourists get access to a wealth of stories and information about interesting places in the forests, the village center of Vessem or along the Kleine Beerze water.

The 'Beleef de Kempen' map

Atelier van Asseldonk picked up the graphic design of the mobile application, containing old photos, sound clips, interviews with people from the region and unique videos that fit the different routes.

The coordinates of the various locations can be found in the pillars of concrete and corten steel.

Via the app you can share walking routes, upload photos and invite friends to walk with you. In total, you can choose from over 1700 kilometers of walking route.

Each one uniquely numbered