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Bruns BV

Rietveld’s legendary workshop re-opens as BRUNS DeStijlfactory. Originally built as Weverij De Ploeg in 1957, the first and only industrial complex from the heritage of Gerrit Th. Rietveld rejuvenates in colours, patterns and textures. 

Under the patronage of new owner BRUNS exhibition builders, a carefully planned renovation was carried out by Diederendirrix Architects starting 2016 and finishing earlie 2017. Bruns commissioned us to design the new interior. Rietveld’s open planned factory granted an update to keep up with demands of contemporary offices, studio, creative laboratory, workshop and canteen.

To upstart our new design we took inspiration from Rietveld’s ‘carpenters eye’. To accommodate the new office section we inserted a new facade into the open plan, adjacent to the entrance. This monumental room-divider of oak and moss doubles as an acoustic wall. The graphic shading in precious grey-green oak, derives direct lineage from the iconic cross hatch pattern of Rietveld’s half open shed-facade with sliding doors. 

This striking invention Rietveld came up with for De Ploeg exterior, allows daylight to generously flow into the factory hall. Since it’s invention this remarkable facade became immortalized on photographs, spread by architectural magazines all over the world. The transparency of the relation between the architecture and its surrounding landscape park, designed by Mien Ruys, became underlined in our design for the wall by the graphic use of moss greenery.

Much like we remember Rietveld himself, as a design studio we likes to push grand designs, while keeping track of the tiniest of details. Our concept renews the original frame in a truly meaningful way: the graphics, the modular aluminium cladding of ventilation tubes. 

At the same time our program of bespoke office furniture, tables, chairs and decorative industrial lamps, evoke the aspirations of new patron BRUNS. Whatever you see in this house, is done in the best possible taste.

To get to the point of the design we did a big research on the design disciplines of Gerrit Rietveld and his contemporaries. We used this research as the foundation on which created the entire interior design. 

We tried to make a design that respects the past while making the building future proof at the same time. We made a lot of contemporary interpretations of some of the design elements used by Gerrit Rietveld, such as the H-beams we used to create the larger-than-life wooden wall. 

Some of the historically inspired objects are opposed by futuristic statements such as the coves that houses all the necessary cables and other types of installations. The looks may be very futuristic but so was the work of Gerrit Rietveld back in his days.

The coves that houses all the necessary cables

The monumental room-divider of oak doubles as an acoustic wall

In short we created a place where new owner BRUNS can be at its best. The architecture as well as its interior perfectly reflect the kind of quality you can expect from Bruns. A perfect match!

Our XXL Wooden Trouble Lights