February 2017

Project type

Interior design & production



The old Diamond Exchange in the heart of Amsterdam has been reopened as an event after an intensive renovation hotspot. In the boardroom of the building, Atelier van Asseldonk winks at the past take diamonds as a source of inspiration for the composition of the custom-made interior. What is a diamond? What has it been, and what can it become in the future? The diamond that is found so valuable by man, originates from elements that have little, to no value themselves. 

At least when you approach it from a human perspective. Compressing carbon over millions of years in just the right conditions creates a diamond. Nowadays we can simulate these circumstances in a laboratory setting and make diamonds ourselves without it taking millions of years. We humans can create the conditions to bend materials to our will, and turn them into something else. How do we determine the value of our own diamonds? 

Can we, as makers, apply the same principle within a design process? Take basic materials that have little value, and combining them in such a way that value is created. From a diamond in the rough to a beautiful diamond.

Endeless Table for Spectrum

Diamond is one of the most precious materials on earth, but basically it consists of something very common: carbon. If nature had decided a little differently, the diamond in your ring would not have turned into a diamond, but would have been turned into

Transparant material use

The lamp, entitled Shine On You Crazy Diamond, is a literal representation of the crystal structure of a diamond.

For example, the shape of the lamp above the Endless Table - a table that Atelier van Asseldonk designed for Spectrum - not chosen by chance. The element that floats above the table top is a literal representation of the molecular compounds that make up a diamond. You could almost see a diamond in its purest form

Cube shape to implicate part of the diamonds chemical structure

Transparancy in the build up of the product

External welds add a crafted look and feel to the minimal character of the lamp. A signature of the maker.

The chairs have no secrets. Instead of covering the structure from which they are built, they show exactly what they have.

The case, entitled A Lot For A Little, is also indirectly inspired by the diamond.