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Commissioned Art Pieces


CHV Noordkade

The Noordkade in Veghel was once the scene of the CHV compound feed factory, but now the industrial site has been transformed into an art and culture cluster. The large grain silos and factory buildings that were built before the outbreak of the Second World War form the backdrop. Atelier van Asseldonk designed five eye-catchers that glance to the glorious past of the site. 

In 2014, a group of local entrepreneurs in Veghel started an initiative to revive some of the cultural and social importance held by CHV. Situated along the Noordkade this occupied a series of large buildings and formed the core of the economic and industrial welfare of the region. 

We were commissioned to come up with five centrepieces to herald the reopening of the large factory hall. To make a metaphorical connection between the new, mainly culture-oriented ambitions and the heritage of the place, we took remnant artefacts from the abandoned factory and used them as inspiration for our sculptural follies.

The entrance desk
Photo by Gijs Spierings

The five objects were built to enhance the reopening of the renovated central factory hall, all inspired by tools that once kept the factory alive. A crane, a generator, a bridge, a large crate attached to a tower and a safe. The latter is made for the boss of the factory, a place where he can keep his most important things safe.

All objects that were made for the Noordkade are contemporary interpretations of objects you would expect to find in an old industrial complex that the Noordkade is. The objects are designed so they can be used at events to serve the purpose of information desks.

Photo by Gijs Spierings

Atelier van Asseldonk designed this robust 'safe' with an eye-catching red wheel.

Photo by Gijs Spierings

Photo by Gijs Spierings

Photo by Gijs Spierings

Two beautiful details of the crate with tower: gold-colored nuts and a visible wood grain.

Photo by Gijs Spierings

The 'generator' can be used as an information desk. Also pay attention to the small details here, such as the conductor in the ridge of the electricity pole.

Photo by Gijs Spierings