Project Info

The Dawn of Design


Stainless steel and Bronze


In a time where future builders are clueless, Atelier van Asseldonk shows their Design odyssey. An exhibition in which we worship progress from the bone to a welding robot. An interstellar look into the future where bygone Futurism prevails.

 Abundance and hollow aesthetics make way for functionality and pragmatic thinking. We don’t worship the design, but the tools that make the design possible. The product is not elevated, but the pedestal itself becomes the centerpiece. The discovery and development of such a discovery becomes the essence. We live for progress, made to guide ourselves into the future. From the first steps in welding, this production method has been fundamental for our work since our rise in 2008. Discovering the weld can be more than just the merging of metals, kickstarted our pragmatic minds into overdrive. Not designing a product, but engineering a production method to create products is the new beginning of everything.