The Unimate playfully referred to the science fiction of ages ago. The standing lamp can be adjusted to three positions; mimicking the movements that the first robotic arm that was used in production lines in the fifties could make.

The arm of the Unimate was manufactured from the wood of a century old oak tree, the lampshade was casted from aluminium using an old but proven process. The combination of these two very different materials gives the lamp it’s unique and personal touch.

The shapes we have used are simple, but executed in a thought through way. Unimate may have an industrial shape, but it has been realized with pure craftsmanship. Which makes the Unimate a strange combination of our love for the industrial era and our uncanny way of crafting by hand. The lamp works perfectly as a bold statement, but can also be blend into the interior in a subtle way.

Limited Edition

Serie of 3 + 2 AP


50x50x75 cm